USCG Licensed Captains Providing Professional Yacht Delivery Services

Got Questions?

Why should I use cyacht?

You insurance company may require it. We are professional mariners who earn our livings on the ocean. Many insurance companies require USCG licensed captains for the boat to retain its insurance coverage during offshore deliveries. We will provide resumes, contracts and licenses when we contract with you. You may also need additional coverage on your insurance policy to move it to another region or water body.

What if my boat doesn't pass the inspection?

We normally spend about one full day inspecting each boat thoroughly upon arrival. If there are any minor concerns, we will contact the owner for approval to remedy the situation. Rarely is a boat deemed unseaworthy, but should that occur, the captain and crew will either remain on site to make necessary repairs or return home.

Who do you use for crew?

Personality is key on a small boat in the middle of a big ocean. If a crew can't get along on short coastal trips, then who knows what will happen far offshore. We only use trusted crewmembers with whom we have sailed on many shorter cruises before using them for longer passages.

It is also critical that our captains and deckhands are drug-free, reliable and safety-conscious mariners. That's why we all participate in a random drug-screening program.

Can I come along on the delivery?

That really depends on your experience. If you are a seasoned vet, and you just need a skipper or crewmember to go along, that normally isn't a problem. But without any offshore experience, we feel it's probably wiser to get more training for offshore work before venturing too far out.

How much does it cost?

Delivery rates can fluctuate, depending on the departure point and destination of the boat, the weather conditions, the condition of the boat and distance traveled. However, we do offer reasonable, competitive bids and no trip is too short or too long. We offer a flat crew rate based on the distance to be traveled and cruising speed of the boat, because you should not have to pay for delays due to weather. Ancillary costs include fuel, dockage, vessel maintenance and conditioning. If you need a captain for a one day delivery to the boatyard or a full crew to safely move your boat from Maine to Martinique, please contact us and we will respond with a bid.

How can I pay?

We accept payment by bank check, money order, electronic funds transfer, PayPal or US cash for both the deposit and final payment.