USCG Licensed Captains Providing Professional Yacht Delivery Services

Yacht Deliveries and Other Boat Services


Deck of a sail boat at sea on a yacht delivery Do you want to sail in the Virgin Islands, but your boat is soon to be covered with snow in Boston? Or is it time to get your boat out of the hurricane belt and up to the summer cruising grounds? At cyacht our mission is to deliver your vessel quickly, safely and efficiently. We strive to provide the best service for a competitive price and get your vessel from where she lies to the place you want to use her. No trip is too short or too long. We’ll move your boat from your slip to the local boatyard, or from Maine to Martinique.


Nautical chart with navigation plotter and dividers Not up to making a long ocean passage on your own? Cyacht can help. We can supply you with a professional captain for the coastal or offshore trip you've been wanting to make. We can do the trip for you or, in some cases, with you. One of our experienced captains will prepare you and your boat for the high seas and help you get her from point A to point B for a lot less money and hassle than putting her on a container ship. If you are up to the task of delivering your own boat, but just need an extra hand, here is an extensive list of yacht crew.

What's Up, Dock?

Boats safely moored to dock in marina Is your boat new to you? Or do you just need to brush up on your skills around the marina and out on the water? Get one of our captains to give you a hand improving your technique in and around your local harbor. Single screw or twin, sail or power our captains have literally sailed and docked hundreds of boats thousands of times and can teach the finer points of sailing, close-quarters maneuvering and general yacht maintenance. We can help you look like a pro and help you keep the topsides free of gouges and blemishes.